Suffolk Sheep Hat in Mauve
Suffolk Sheep Hat in Mauve
Suffolk Sheep Hat in Mauve

French Knot

Suffolk Sheep Hat in Mauve

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OMG!!! The Suffolk Sheep Hat displays a scenic sky and lush landscape which showcases a favorite furry friend. Inspired by the adorable Valais Blacknose Sheep, this hat features intricate purl stitches, hand embroidery, and fluffy pom. 

Color: Mauve combo

Fleece lined

100% wool

Hand-Knit in Nepal

A thread of wool weaves French Knot and more than 1,000 Nepalese artisans together. The people of Nepal are so special to Lindsay and make up a very meaningful part of her life and her livelihood.

In 2013, Lindsay made her first visit to the country where her designs take shape, ensuring fair trade principles and taking in firsthand the knitters’ level of artistry and pride. These skilled artisans have mastered embroidery and two-needle hand knitting to execute Lindsay's original design and vision in every accessory.