Mini Butterfly Necklace in Aqua Green
Mini Butterfly Necklace in Aqua Green


Mini Butterfly Necklace in Aqua Green

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Founded by cousins, and survivors, Kamaria is an amazing brand changing the way we support survivors of sexual assault. Kamaria means “moonlight” in Swahili. Their goal is to empower women and men by wearing our jewelry. Even in the dark of night, the moon provides a beacon of light and hope. Like the moon, even in the darkest times, you too can reflect light.

10% of Kamaria’s proceeds benefit Restore Dignity, their non-profit which gives direct support to survivors of power-inequality trauma, including sexual assault, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, stalking or hazing during their pursuit of a higher education.

Wow, we love this mini butterfly necklace in aqua green. Green butterflies are said to bring goodness, love, and prosperity. This hand-carved, simulated aquamarine  butterfly necklace is a stunner.

Color: Aqua Green


Simulated aquamarine (aqua green glass)

Crystal pave 

14k Gold-plated, 925 sterling silver

Adjustable slider chain up to 18"

Dimensions: 18x12mm